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This website was created to show the growing epidemic of many BMW enthusiasts who developed the incurable disease of wanting more power from their car. No one knows how someone in their right mind can mess with the perfection of German engineering but we found a group of people that have this addiction. They may be contagious so please be careful. We advice not to pick up any books or materials pertaining to the subject. Also please avoid contact and riding in their cars as these are the leading cause of this epidemic.

Here are some ways to spot a Boost Junky.


1. You get excited when it's cold outside.
2. You know where to get 100 octane fuels in your area.
3. You fill up every three days.
4. You enjoy the feeling of all of your internal organs being pushed back.
5. You spend too much time in the forced induction forums.
6. Your power goal increases the more you’re on boost.
7. You have a hard time holding a constant speed.
8. You think about boost all the time and even have dreams about it.
9. The size of your grin is directly proportional to the amount of boost you’re on.
10. You have led others here and are a proud member of this website.

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